Thursday, January 12, 2012

Max Lucado is a Chaucerian Fraud

I once bought into the Max Lucado phenomenon. ONCE....when I was a self-deluded, brainwashed sheep in the church of christ. It's funny because I remember thinking (while I was reading this garbage) that hmmmmm....I don't feel enlightened or moved spiritually. Something was not computing. In fact, I didn't want to admit it at the time, but my gut instinct was screaming at the logic and reasoning part of my brain saying "Red alert, red alert!!!! This is CRAP!"
And yet, because I was so weak, confused, pathetic and incapable of making clear judgements, I went ahead and finished his book (I think it was "In the Grip of Grace" or "Six Hours One Friday") was horrible. I was UNCHANGED, uninspired, unmotivated and actually felt like I had been tricked by someone.
I even bought another one and tried to finish it but failed miserably. It was just too shallow, hollow, empty and horribly sugar coated with syrup that there is no way in God's good creation that this douche bag can take himself or his worthless books seriously. Now I look back and see how controlled I was by the church of Christ machine.

Mr. Lucado has to know he is getting away with one of the greatest schemes imaginable. A Chaucerian fraud, a huckster a charlatan, a fake, a get the idea. And I'm not being cruel here for no apparent reason folks. My reason for lavishing such contempt on this imposter is because his books purposely cater to a crowd of dumb, thoughtless Christians who read nothing else except the bible (more fiction) and are not allowed to read any other authors UNLESS they are christian (such a well informed view of history and the world don't ya think???). You stay trapped in the church bubble this way.
So...he has this niche audience who are so intellectually handicapped that of course they will be drawn to his books because he's designed them to be simple to read with no lasting impressions that actually make one grow as an individual. There's nothing profound about what he writes in regard to spirituality. It just reaffirms the crap and lies that's found in the bible and spins it in a "fun-loving-hunky dory, awww don't ya feel so good brethren" type of horrid and superficial way.
It's meaningless, watered down, buttered up and sugar coated for the dumb sheep masses who are forever stuck in the church bubble. You get the idea???
Plain and simple. Life is great as long a you don't question ANYTHING in the church or the Bible. Just be a brainless consumer filled with fear, be silent, apathetic and complacent, don't EVER question anything and wait until the rapture.

I know because I was one of these people. I was forced to believe in Christianity out of FEAR and so are the millions of other idiots who claim to be Christians. They just can't see it and they're afraid to speak up and challenge the bible in Sunday school class for fear of looking like a heretic or a trouble maker.
Oh yeah, Phillp Yancy is another one with over-the-top, feel good nonsense books and an equal moron would be Bruce Wilkinson (even worse!!!), who wrote "The Prayer of Jabez", which is another bullshit bible story that was repackaged and sold to morons who actually believed its contents. Such a fraud and greedy bastard he is. "Hey, if I really pray for God to expand my territory then surely he will do it for me and I'll have great riches". A book designed to appeal to the christian fools who deep down are greedy and do not want to work for what they get. "Oh God puhleeze just give it to me instead..... I don't want to work for it like everyone else!!!" That book must have made the author a million dollars with all the brainless christian sheep who bought it. Shame on him for fooling and deceiving dumb people. I guess they deserve it.

But back to Max Lucado.

Mr. may have fooled thousands of people with your bullshit, meaningless christian sentimental scribblings....but you have not fooled me. You are a phony and I know deep down within that empty, black heart of know it's true. You know you are just reaping the monetary rewards of writing fluffy, hollow, fake feel-good books that have no integrity, moral code, character, no soul and most importantly: ANY SHRED OF TRUTH.
I pray to God and Jesus that you are exposed for what you really are: a fraud.
I hope one day church people wake up and see that you have been fooling them with your commercialized, watered down fiction. The same goes for Thomas Kinkade....a business man parading as an artist, who by the way, needs to be euthanized. He's another one that has fooled the masses for years with his fake paintings and he's collaborated with Lucado to make horrible books that contain both of their disgusting work. I'll get to him in another post.
Please stop your fraudulent practices and find another profession. You have done a MAJOR injustice to writers all over the world.

The Vengeance